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The Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation is the voice for the future of Alabama's historic places.

The rich and diverse history of the great state of Alabama continues to be reflected through thousands of historic buildings and places in literally every corner of the state. These places have the unique ability to remind present and future generations in a tangible and meaningful way about the events that shaped our collective experience. They inspire us with the stories of those who built their communities, fought for their beliefs, and overcame all manner of personal challenge.

The Alabama Trust is a membership organization that is supported by individuals, families, and groups from all over the state. Your support is needed!


Threatened Historical Sites in Alabama

Alabama has some of the cordial historical ancestries in America. From some of the oldest churches to the Civil Rights Movement to World War II-era ships, People who love to visit historical sites will enjoy everything that Alabama offers. However, in this article, we will write about the top five historical places in Alabama that are threatened or near threatened. All of these sites needs roof repair services at large to save them from destruction. These are the places that show the day to day lives of Alabamians. These public places played an important role in the social, economic, legal and religious activities of everyday people for years.


Old Hale County Jail

 Old Hale County Jail is located behind the Hale County Courthouse in Greensboro. This three-story masonry jail had been used to jail prisoners for ninety years (1908-1999). There were offices on the first floor and cells were on the second floor. The condition of this old jail is devastating and represents demolition and decay threat. This historical site needs a roof repair plan to save it from destruction.


Acmar Civic Center

 Acmar Civic Center was built in 1905 by Acmar mining company. Previously, this center was served as a church and junior high school for African Americans. In 1930, the company built another school but this center continued providing education till the 1950s. This site is regarded as a historical place for the African American miners in Alabama. This site requires proper critical attention of roofing companies to save it from destruction.


Ada Hanna School

The Ada Hannah School is the main leftover of an African-American school in Marion County. Since 1985, the structure has been the subject of a few illegal conflagrations. This school started as a Rosenwald school that served the African-American people group for quite a few years. The new school building served Marion County for a long time until Alabama incorporated its state-funded educational system and the area deserted the new school. The school additionally was later utilized as a network recreational focus and assembling office. Presently, it is in poor condition and requires prompt action of roofing companies to save it from demolition.


George W. Braxdall Lodge

It was 115 years prior that the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alabama, conceded contract to the Geroge W. Braxdall Lodge. From that point forward, the cabin has been at 817 Church Street in Decatur. However, at this point, the structure faces devastation if fixes aren't managed.


Hamburg Building

The Hamburg Building was used as a hub for farmers and used to harvest and housed the nearby feed and seed. Before 1918, it was built by Farmers Mutual Cooperative alongside the rail track. The community shut in 1949 yet was purchased by previous individuals H.M. Hamburg and his children. Other previous members still depended on the organization, Hamburg and Sons, Inc., where ranchers carried yields to be cleaned, evaluated, pressed, sold and transported. The Hamburg family resigned in 2004.


Roof Maintenance and Repairing Services of Historical Sites

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