2016 ATHP Board of Directors

Historic Places Make Life Better!

The Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation is the voice for the future of Alabama's historic places.

The rich and diverse history of the great state of Alabama continues to be reflected through thousands of historic buildings and places in literally every corner of the state. These places have the unique ability to remind present and future generations in a tangible and meaningful way about the events that shaped our collective experience. They inspire us with the stories of those who built their communities, fought for their beliefs, and overcame all manner of personal challenge.

But there is also a great practical side to preserving the historic places that matter to us - the dollars and cents of revitalizing communities and returning to sustainable development patterns. Our historic places are essential assets for downtown and neighborhood revitalization and for the state�s growing heritage tourism industry. And in a world where environmental sustainability is becoming ever more critical, they represent one of the greenest approaches to providing places in which to live and work. It is why we call historic preservation the original green.

The Alabama The Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation was organized and incorporated as the Alabama Preservation Alliance in 1987. A 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, the Alabama Trust is a membership organization that is supported by individuals, families, and groups from all over the state. We operate with a professional staff and a dedicated volunteer board. Your support is needed!

The Alabama Trust plays a vital role in this state through:

Statewide Partner of the National Trust and the Alabama Historical Commission

The Alabama Trust is a Statewide Partner of the National Trust, and the two organizations have a strong ongoing relationship. The Alabama Trust also works closely with the Alabama Historical Commission, a state agency, to present the biannual preservation conference and other workshops. While the National Trust represents preservation interests at the national level, the Alabama Trust�s focus is on the needs of Alabama.

How Historic Places Make Life Better

  • as an essential tool for Economic Development
  • as a practical solution for Environmental Sustainability
  • by defining Community Identity
  • as a tangible reminder of Our Heritage
  • as a Legacy for the future
  • by Bringing People Together to enjoy the places that matter to them


As a grassroots citizens� group, the Alabama Trust provides a statewide voice for preservation efforts. The Alabama Trust assists local groups around the state in seeking viable alternatives to demolition and making presentations to public officials concerning the value of preservation. For more information, please click here.

Endangered Properties Trust

Through the Endangered Properties Trust, the Alabama Trust administers two funds. The Intervention Fund is a last resort source of loans, gifts, materials and services to save imminently threatened historic buildings. The Revolving Fund is used to transfer historic properties acquired through gift, option or purchase to preservation-minded owners, with the proceeds returning to the fund for future projects. For more information on the Endagered Properties Trust, please click here.


The quarterly newsletter, The Trustee, is a valuable source of information on preservation activities around the state. The Alabama Trust conducts Rambles in historic places that offer members the opportunity to tour places not generally open to the public and to interact with other members with common interests. Programs on a variety of preservation issues and subjects can be presented in locations across the State. To view The Trustee archives, please click here.


Lyceum Program Fall 2017 Poarch Creek, Tensaw and Stockton

Lyceum Program Spring 2017 Marion

Lyceum Program Fall 2016 - Cullman

Lyceum Program Spring 2016 - Talladega and Shelby County

Lyceum Program Spring 2015 - Union Spring, Bullock County

Lyceum Program Fall 2014 � Historic Eufaula

Lyceum Program Fall 2013 - Lee/Macon

Lyceum Program Summer 2013 - Greensboro/Livingston

Lyceum Program Spring 2013 - Dothan

Lyceum Program Summer 2012 - Florence

Lyceum Program Winter 2012 - Mobile

Lyceum Program Fall 2012 - Mentone / Fort Payne

Lyceum Program Summer 2011 - Talladega

Lyceum Program Spring 2011 - Monroeville

Lyceum Program Winter 2011 Huntsville

Preservation Conference Program - 2010

Preservation Conference Program - 2012

Preservation Conference Program - 2014

Preservation Conference Program - 2016