Mission: The Endangered Properties Trust (EPT) serves as (1) a monetary source for emergency rescue of significant properties and (2) a revolving fund for acquisition, covenanted resale, preservation, and rehabilitation of threatened landmarks.

The EPT has three trustees representing the Alabama Historical Commission and the Alabama Trust fro Historic Preservation. The trustees are knowledgeable about historical properties and hold specific knowledge in history, architecture, architectural history, and law. If additional expertise is needed the Trustees seek the advice of appropriate experts.

The Trustees administer two funds: the Intervention Fund and the Revolving Fund. The Intervention Fund is a last ditch source of loans, gifts, materials, or services to save imminently threatened historic buildings. The Revolving Fund is used to transfer historic properties acquired through gift, option or purchase to preservation-minded owners, with the proceeds returning to the fund for future projects.

The Trustees, in making decisions for use of the Intervention Fund and the Revolving Fund, use three checklists. Additional supporting material, including photographs, is welcomed.

For information please call 205-652-3497 or email alabamatrust@uwa.edu.

Endangered Properties Trust Checklist
Endangered Property Trust Fund Application Intervention
Endangered Properties Trust Guidelines